“Who would steal a cheap dollar-store extension cord?”

I thought this when I plugged in my cell phone at the library today.  The thought made me laugh.  I don’t know why I had this thought.  I have never thought this before.  Did this thought attract what was about to happen?

After several hours, I unplugged the charging wires from the extension cord which was still plugged in several feet (1 metre) behind me.  The head of the extension cord was still beside me.  I put the charging wires away and then things got weird.

A time warp?  Missing time?  A Black Hole in my mind?  Was my thumb up my ass, with my mind in Alabama?  Who knows?  I have no idea how much time elapsed before I regained awareness.  I was still disoriented and groggy when I looked down beside me.  The extension cord was gone!  Where did it go?  Did I pick it up without remembering?  No, it wasn’t in my bag.  Who would steal a cheap dollar-store extension cord?  If someone stole it, then how come the corner of my eye did not see the cord slithering away as someone pulled it?

The extension cord was plugged in behind me on my right.  Away from the plug and to my left, behind me, sat a young man reading.  He got up and left when he saw me looking around.  Is he part of an international-cheap-extension-cord-stealing ring?  This international theft ring steals cheap extension cords, ships them to other countries, and then sells them on the black market.

Perhaps my extension cord was not stolen.  Perhaps my extension cord was just visiting from another dimension, and returned home today without telling me.  Who knows?


About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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