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My name for this security guard shows that I think the world of him.

Fat Fuck patrols the building that houses the North York Central Library, retail outlets, offices, and a food court.  People use the food court when the library closes.  Fat Fuck climaxes when he orders library people out of the food court when the food court is closing.

No one aspires to be a security guard.  People aspire to be police officers and become security guards when, for some reason, they cannot be police officers.

Why can’t Fat Fuck be a police officer?  Is he too fat?  Police departments have rigorous physical tests that applicants must pass.  Is he too white?  Police departments also have racial quotas — although they would never admit it.

Fat Fuck will go out of his way to look for crimes against humanity.  What crimes against humanity?  Besides being at a table in a closed food court,  Fat Fuck hunts down people who have their computers and cell phones plugged into food-court outlets.  According to Fat Fuck, using the plugs is against food-court rules.  Fat Fuck is the only security guard who enforces this rule.  The other security guards do not seem to care, and have walked by people with their devices plugged in.

The other day a student plugged her cell phone into a food-court plug.  She was at a table near the plug, but nothing linked her, or anyone, to the cell phone plugged into the wall.

It was about an about an hour before Fat Fuck rolled by.  Fat Fuck erupted!

“Whose phone is this?” he shouted.  “Whose phone is this?  Whoever it is better unplug it right NOW!”  And then shouting even louder, “THEY BETTER UNPLUG IT RIGHT NOW!  RIGHT NOW, I SAY, RIGHT NOW!”

Fat Fuck’s theatrics made the food court walls and floor think that they were experiencing an earthquake.  The poor, fear-frozen student did not know what to do.  She sat shaking for a bit before she suddenly she ran to the outlet to unplug her phone, but she had difficulty doing so because she was trembling.  All the while Fat Fuck glared down at her.

She finally unplugged her phone and fled to her table.  Fat Fuck rolled off into the sunset satisfied that he had made the world a better place.



November 11 is Remembrance Day.  Veteran Affairs Canada (VAC), the department of the Canadian government that looks after war vets, and politicians put on a show on Remembrance Day.  VAC states that November 11 is for, remembrance for the men and women who have served, and continue to serve our country during times of war, conflict and peace.  

Veteran Affairs Canada’s words are for dead soldiers only.  As for the alive, but broken soldiers?  They are not remembered at all.  The government ignores them.

What a shame!   Since 2002, more broken soldiers have committed suicide than the number of soldiers killed in battle in Afghanistan.  Was the lack of the government’s support one of the  reasons for their suicides?

One of the slogans for Remembrance Day is Lest We Forget . . .    On November 11, when I see government leaders acting solemn and laying wreaths at war memorials, I will remember the broken soldiers the government ignores.






I do not believe in isolated incidents.  Alarms sound when I hear someone playing down a scandal by saying, It’s an isolated incident.  Every isolated incident always turns out to be not-so isolated.

Jian Ghomeshi wanted the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), and the world, to believe that the allegations against him were from a disgruntled ex-girlfriend.  In other words, an isolated incident.

Sexual harassment is rampant.  It always has been rampant and, perhaps, always will be.  Sexual predators in organizations, companies, businesses wield enough power to cover it up.  They also make it hard to prove, and difficult for victims to come forward.  In some cases, as in the entertainment industry, sexual harassment is out in the open for all to see.  The powerful sexual predators make no attempt to hide it.  They have no problems finding victims with so many people worried about their careers and wanting success.  Those who refuse to go along with the sexual harassment get replaced from a long line of those who will go along.

A friend told me that his daughter worked for a major telecommunications company.  It was well-known that women were expected to get into the hot tub with the CEO, and other executives, at the yearly Christmas party held at the CEO’s home.  Any women refusing to get into the hot tub would be “let go.”  The company always made it seem that a woman who had refused to comply was let go for a legitimate reason.  No one could prove that her failure to get into the hot tub was the reason, but everyone knew and kept their mouths shut.

My friend said that his daughter refused to get into the hot tub at Christmas one year.  She was “let go” the following March.  The reason?  The company restructured and her job was redundant.

Many years ago, a Canadian actress published and article in the Canadian actor’s magazine.  She did not name the director, but said that he was well-known. She wrote that she auditioned for a role, and the director told her that the role was hers if she slept with him.  She refused and did not get the part.  I do not know whether her courage to report the incident, in the actor’s magazine, affected her acting career.

Isolated incidents?   Was this the only company that found ways of getting rid of women who did not comply with the CEO’s sexual desires?  Was this the only time a director offered a role in exchange for sex?

What a difference between appearance and reality!  The appearance is that sexual harassment rarely happens.  If it does, then it’s an isolated incident.  The company takes measures to make sure that it will never happen again.  The reality is that sexual harassment is widespread, covered up, and not reported no matter what measures existed to prevent it.  For appearances, a spokesperson will say,  Our company will not tolerate sexual harassment.  The reality is, Our company will tolerate sexual harassment because of the power of the sexual predators.  We will do out best to deny it and cover it up making it difficult for the victims to come forward.  Any preventive measures we put in place are for appearances only.

Did the CBC know about Jian Ghomeshi’s “inappropriate behavior” and look the other way?  Is Jian Ghomeshi the only CBC employee who used his position to satisfy his sexual desires?

What about the other media outlets?  Their columnists and commentators express “shock and outrage” at the CBC’s apparent tolerance of Jian Ghomeshi’s behavior.  Are these media outlets sexual-harassment free?  If they are not, then I am sure that any occurrences of sexual harassment will be isolated incidents.