Monthly Archives: October 2012


I wish I had never told people that I have cancer.  Whenever they see me they look at me in a strange way and say, “Oh!”  To finish their thought they are saying, “Oh!  You’re still alive?”

“Yes I am still alive,”  I say reading their minds.

“But I thought you had cancer.”

“I do.”

Embarrassed they say, “Oh well–er–uh–You look good.  You look real good.”

People have put me on a pedestal because I have cancer.   I am a hero just because I have a life-threatening disease.  They respect me now that I could die at any time.   Everything I say is wise and important.   They pay attention to me.  They laugh at all my jokes.   Suddenly I am a somebody because I can die at any time.

Anyone  can die at any time.  A healthy person can get killed in some accident,  or die suddenly for another reason.   Why isn’t everyone a hero?  Why isn’t everyone respected?  Why aren’t everyone’s words considered wise and important?

I have no idea how much time I have left, and neither does anyone else.    My body is hosting some cancer cells which may or may not follow me to my grave.   This does not make me a hero whose every word is wise and important.

One thing about me has changed since I got cancer:  my attitude towards life.   Life is precious.  Life is precious  not only for me, but for everyone.   We should  greet each other with joy and say, “Oh!  We’re still alive!”



Thank  you.
I’m sorry it’s almost over.
The leaves started changing today.
The rest is silence . . .