Another Funeral

Going to another funeral.

Attending funerals has become an unwanted pastime for me, but funeral directors love it.  They have to pretend that they are sad and care when dealing with people making funeral arrangements.  I bet they secretly jump for joy when they see someone coming through the door to arrange a funeral.

From what I have read on reincarnation, death and near-death experiences, many souls stick around until after their funerals.  They are aware of what people are thinking.  With this in mind at the visitation or funerals, I think such things as, “Now you know.  The mystery is over.  Good Luck on your journey.”

. . . souls often have little interest in what happens to their bodies once they are physically dead…However, many other souls want to hover around the place where they died for a few Earth days, usually until after their funerals.

   – page 13, Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives, by Michael Newton, 1996

This latest funeral is for an aunt.  She was not really an aunt, but that is what we called her.  She was married to my father’s air-force buddy.  We called him uncle even though he was not our uncle.

It may not seem so to us, but no one dies before his or her time.  People reporting near-death experiences often say how they hear, “Go back.  It’s not your time yet.”  Then they reluctantly find themselves back in their bodies with no fear of death.

Whatever Aunt Grace came here to do, she did.  It was time for her to leave her body and move on to greener pastures.

“Bye your now, Aunt Grace.  I wish you well.”


Preparing To Get Things Done


You awaken but stay in bed and stare at the ceiling.

When you tire of that, you stare at the wall.

Tire of that and you nap a bit only to awaken and stare at the ceiling again.

You tell yourself that you are allowing ideas to incubate.

You tell yourself that you are seeking your deeper motives.

You tell yourself that you are preparing to get things done.

And you may remind yourself what Albert Einstein said,

“Nothing happens until something moves.”


Heat Wave?


Toronto hit by a heat wave?  Well, sort of.  It seems like a heat wave compared to the cold weather last week.

It was so cold, in Toronto, last week that some ice left for Florida.  We had temperatures as low as -20° C  (-4° F), but the wind made it seem colder.  Over the weekend, it warmed up.  Yesterday it was 8° C (46° F) and today it is 12° C (54° F).  Some people were wearing T-shirts and shorts.

It is all relative and what you get used to.  I have family and friends in California who think that 8 and 12° C is freezing.  To us, in Toronto, it’s a heat wave—sort of.

Oymyakon, Russia, is the coldest inhabited place on Earth.  Winter temperatures average -50° C (-58° F) and have gone as low as -68° C (-90° F).  To the people of Oymyakon, -20° C must seem like a heat wave—sort of.


Taking Advantage of Public Transit Delays

The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) used to have regular service with occasional delays.  Now they have regular delays with occasional service.  Of course the snowstorm and cold do not help since the TTC has equipment that does not like the winter.

I decided to take advantage of the travel delays.  I always wanted to read Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace.  I brought this thirteen-hundred-plus-page novel on the subway.  I finished reading it in one trip!  Thank God for the delays.

By the way, I enjoyed War and Peace.  It’s about people who were married, and then got divorced.

Randomness and Computers

A friend and I discussed whether a computer can give you a random selection of anything.  My friend said that computers can give random selections.  I said that the very fact that you have to program randomness into a computer proves that it is not random.

A computer gives the appearance of randomness or pseudo randomness, but everything that goes into a computer is determined by a computer programmer.  And the program he or she installs has been determined by someone.  How can randomness come from something determined?

Whenever a new computer-generated lottery game comes out, that gives a random selection of cards, dice or numbers, there are always lots of instant wins.  But as time goes on, the instant wins decrease and hardly happen at all?  Is this a coincidence?

Mary Cospardo

Mary Cospardo.  Who is Mary Cospardo?  I do not know.  Starting several months ago, her name was on my lips when I woke up in the morning.  This still happens sporadically.  And sometimes, during the day, her name will pop in my head for no reason.   I do not remember any dreams about Mary Cospardo.  I have never known any woman with a name that is close to Mary Cospardo.  Who is she?

I googled Mary Cospardo and got Did you mean Marcos Prado?  Nothing on Google about Mary Cospardo.  (Marcos Prado is a film producer.)

Is Mary Cospardo my soulmate?

I thought my ex-wife was my soulmate, but we were more like cellmates.  We did our time and got released.

I have never met a woman who understands me completely.  Some have come close, but at some point they say, “You’re not funny and you don’t know when to stop.  You lack judgment.  You cannot joke about everything . . . ”

If I ever meet Mary Cospardo, will she enjoy my lack of judgment?  Will she soar with me as I fly past the limits of good taste and laugh at everything?   Will she understand me completely?  Will we live happily ever after mostly laughing?



The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) kept having subway delays because the outside subway signals kept freezing.  It took me longer to get to the Northern District Library because of these delays.

When I finally arrived at the Northern District Library, it was closed.  The sign on the door said that the library had heating problems.

So it was back on the subway, with more frozen-signal delays, to get to another library.

Canada does not have a tropical climate.  In the winter, it gets cold.  Sometimes it gets really cold.  And sometimes it gets really really cold.

Did the TTC and Toronto Public Library not know this when they bought signal equipment and heating systems?  Just asking.


I have a staunch conservative friend.  Let us call him “Irrational.”  And his being irrational has nothing to do with him being conservative.  Irrational thinking transcends all political beliefs.  He is irrational, and just happens to be conservative.

Irrational hates liberals and socialists.  To Irrational, conservatives are good and liberals and socialists are evil.  Conservatives can do no wrong.  But when you point out a conservative doing something wrong, Irrational says, “This topic is boring and I don’t want to talk about it.”  This is his way out when facts put him in a corner.  The other thing he says to keep his beliefs is, “I don’t believe that.” In other words,  “It is not true because I do not believe it.”  He does not want to hear facts when they prove that what he believes is false.  I have mentioned him in a previous blog and how fascinating it is to listen to him twist the truth.

He mentioned how President Lyndon Johnson lied about the attack on a U.S. ship in the Gulf of Tonkin to get America into the Vietnam war.

“See how liberals lie?” said Irrational.

And I said, “President Bush lied about Saddam Hussein having weapons of mass destruction to attack Iraq.”

“No, he didn’t lie.  Hussein had weapons of mass destruction,” said Irrational.

“But President Bush admitted that Hussein did not have weapons of mass destruction.  Bush did not admit to lying, but he admitted that there were no weapons of mass destruction,” I said.

“Oh, I don’t believe that,” said Irrational.

“But it’s been widely reported how Saddam Hussein did not have any weapons of mass destruction.”

“That’s the liberal media lying to make Bush look bad.  Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.”

Naturally, Irrational supports Donald Trump.  Like many other conservatives, Irrational reversed his thoughts on Trump.  When Trump was running for president, Irrational thought Trump was a buffoon who was not going to win.  But once Trump became president, Irrational changed his opinion.

“Donald Trump is the best president the U.S. has ever had.  The U.S. economy has never been better.”

“That economy is just great for the unpaid government workers,” I said.

“Don’t you worry about that.  They’re getting paid.”

“Not according to the news reports.”

“That’s the liberal media.  They always try to make Trump look bad.”

“So, the media are lying about government workers not getting paid?”

“Well, I wouldn’t say that they are lying.  They’re exaggerating to make Trump look bad.”

“What is your source that the media are exaggerating?”

“I don’t need a source.  I just know.”

“But the news gives sources by interviewing actual government workers who are not getting paid.”

“They’re getting paid.”

“How?  Who is paying them?”

“Don’t you worry.  They’re being looked after.”

“Who is looking after them?”

“This topic is boring and I don’t want to talk about it.”

Like most human beings, Irrational does not allow the facts to stop him from believing what he wants to believe.

(Also in this video, President Bush denies that his administration said that the terrorist attacks on 911 had anything to Iraq.)

The Self-Healing Body


My sickness over Christmas brought a tsunami of suggestions from family and friends that I see a doctor.  The last time I saw a doctor was in April, 2006.  I went because my muscles were sore and my joints ached.  I could not walk or stand for long without feeling dizzy.  After countless tests, prods and probes, the doctor said that he did not know what I had.  All he could tell was that it was “some type of virus.”  He did not prescribe any medication because he did not know my sickness.  This was fine by me because I do not like taking any drugs.  Within a week, whatever I had went away.

I do not know what my sickness was over Christmas.  I was okay with not knowing much to the horror of my family and friends.  “You should go to a doctor and find out what it is,” they said.  “It could be something serious.”  I did not share their fear of the unknown.  I listened to my body, stayed in bed, and after several days I was well.

I have mentioned before that I stay away from doctors to keep healthy.  The body is a self-healing mechanism.  Any intervention from doctors and drugs interferes with the body healing itself.  Symptoms of illness are part of the body’s healing process.  Taking drugs to stop these symptoms obstructs the body from healing itself and may cause further health problems.

I am not saying that people should not see a doctor.  If people want to go to a doctor, then they should go to a doctor.  If people want to take 47 different pills with 42 of which to stop the side effects from the first five pills, then they should take 47 different pills.  This is not the way I choose to deal with my health.

I trust Nature.  I trust that my body knows what to do.  And my body will tell me what I should do.  This philosophy does not sit well with family and friends who hold doctors in high esteem, and think that doctors know better than Nature.  I do not tell my family and friends that they should not see a doctor, but they do not hesitate to lecture me on my health.  The lectures increase when I get sick.

If I get sick and my body tells me to go to a doctor, then I will go to a doctor.  This is what happened in April, 2006.  But for now, I am happy to let food be my medicine and listen to my body—especially when I get sick.

Someday I will see a doctor who will say, “He’s dead.”  But he or she will not be talking to me.


Is It Over Yet?

Is it over yet?  Can I walk through a shopping mall without being assaulted by Christmas music?  Can I turn on the news without having reporters talk about crowded stores and last-minute shoppers?  Have people stopped wishing me, “Merry Christmas”?

I spent Christmas in bed. It was my body’s gift to me.  My body said, “You need to rest.  We know you won’t rest unless we make you feel dizzy and weak when you stand up, and give you a cough.  After a few days of rest, you will be fine.”

My body was right.  I was fine after a few days of rest, but I did not go anywhere.  I stayed far from the madding crowd who were rushing about in search of after-Christmas bargains.

The madness should be over by now.  How much money do people have?  (Their credit cards answer, “Lots.”)

Does the money-spending madness really ever end?  Besides the regular shoppers, lots of highly organized people are getting ready for December 25, 2019.  After all, they only have 348 shopping days left.