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Way To Go, Premier Ford!

We here in Ontario, Canada, are lucky.  Our newly elected Conservative government has only one problem to solve: too many councillors on Toronto City Council.  Premier Doug Ford, leader of the Conservatives, has solved all the other problems that plagued the province prior to him being elected.  Since being elected, Premier Ford eliminated Ontario’s debt; he reduced taxes; he brought the price of a bottle of beer back to a buck; he eliminated poverty and homelessness; he stopped the opioid crisis; he solved all the Aboriginal land issues in Ontario and improved conditions on reserves; he reduced gas and electricity prices; he addressed the gun and gang violence; he improved public transit; he improved healthcare by reducing waiting times; and, finally, he eliminated unemployment.  The only problem he has not solved is that there are too many councillors on Toronto City Council.

From the Manitoba border to the west, the Quebec border to the east, Hudson Bay to the north and the U.S. border to the south, all Ontarians worry about the number of councillors on Toronto City Council.  This is the only thing they worry about.  It is the first thing they think about when they awake and the last thing they think about before falling asleep.  And since Premier Ford is for the people, he is urgently trying to solve this problem so all the people of Ontario will stop worrying about the number of councillors on Toronto City Council.

Premier Ford will stop at nothing to resolve this issue quickly.  He will even use Section 33 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to override a court decision which declared his reduce-Toronto-City-Council legislation unconstitutional.  It is an urgent issue, and he must solve it as soon as possible.

Ontario will have no problems once Premier Ford reduces the number of councillors on Toronto City Council.

Way to go, Premier Ford, way to go!