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“You will have people who will ridicule and criticize you,”  said the sorcerer.  He rarely spoke, but when he did his apprentice knew the sorcerer had something important to say.   “It’s hard to ignore them —  especially being the sensitive person that you are.   Remember that these self-proclaimed critics are fearful and insecure.    To compensate for their lack of courage and to make themselves feel superior, they ridicule and criticize others.  It is easier for them to do this than to be courageous and create something.

“And then you will get people who will look at whatever you have created and wonder how much is fiction and how much is true.  They lack the insight to know that it is all fiction, and it is all  true.”

“But how can something be fiction and true at the same time?”  asked the apprentice.   It is either true or false.   How can it be both?”

The sorcerer laughed because the question reminded him of his younger days before he explored the worlds beyond worlds beyond worlds.

“My boy, your question is valid when you are in the Land of Logic where all the critics live.    But so much of what we creators do happens in mysterious places beyond the Land of Logic.  And in these mysterious places there is no difference between truth and fiction.   It’s all fiction, and it’s all true.   It’s all dreams, and it’s all real.  As our  good friend Pablo Picasso said,  ‘Everything you can imagine is real.’   There is nothing mysterious about this, and yet everything is mysterious about this.”

“But it’s a contradiction.”

“Exactly!  Your life,  especially when it comes to creativity,  will be so much easier when you accept and live with contradictions.”

“But that seems hard to do.”

“It is when you spend all your time in the Land of Logic.”

“But we need logic,”  said the apprentice.

“True, we do.  But the Land of Logic is only one of many, many places.   A multitude of  other places exist!  A  multitude of  other dimensions  are waiting to be explored!  A multitude of other places and dimensions  are waiting for you to create and explore them!  Worlds beyond worlds beyond worlds beyond worlds!  Why stay in the Land of Logic when such adventures await?”

The apprentice stood and stared.  He had never heard the sorcerer speak so much and with such passion.   Seeing the stunned apprentice made the sorcerer realize how emotional he had become in revealing his innermost thoughts.   He did this all the time in other places in front of other beings and ideas, but this was the first time he had let himself get carried away in front of another human.   He  paused to compose himself,  and then thought he would end his lecture since he had revealed enough for now.

 “And finally,” the sorcerer said, “creativity is about both breaking the rules, and following the rules.”

“Wait,”  said his apprentice.  “How will I know when to break the rules, and when to follow the rules?”

The sorcerer smiled and said,  “Follow your gut.”



The Universe
Is a prison cell
Where I sit
Waiting for death


“What?   What the hell are you thinking?”

You should know.  It came from you.

“Not me.  I’m not responsible for such darkness.  Are you thinking suicide again?”

No, but those words came into my head as I was falling asleep.  I saw my place shrink into a prison cell.  And then I thought how I was waiting for death.

“Oh.  Perhaps your subconscious could use a good cleaning.”

And how do I do that?

“You can do it yourself, or there are companies you can call.”

Perhaps there are subconscious-cleaning companies where you come from,  but I have not seen any advertising their services here.

“Well then you can do it yourself.”


“Through creativity – writing, drawing, dancing, singing, etc.  Creativity is good therapy.”

Well?  I wrote, Waiting . . . 

“True,  you did.  And then you tried to blame it on me.”

So, it’s all mine?  You and the other voices in my head  had nothing to do with it?”

“That’s right.  It’s all yours.”

But where would such darkness come from?

“Good question.  But don’t worry about the answer.  Just get busy cleaning your subconscious.”