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Trigonometry Instead of Writing

I have used my writing time trying to understand some mathematical concepts.  Specifically, I am trying to understand some advanced concepts of Trigonometry.  I got myself to the high-school level and am now attempting the college level.  What a challenge!

I have borrowed the Dummies and Idiot Guide books from the library.  They claim to simplify Trigonometry.  Lots of times they introduce concepts that are not simple.  Or maybe these concepts are simple, and I am dumber than an idiot.

YouTube instruction videos have helped.  I google a concept that I don’t understand, and then watch the video a thousand times before I get it.  Sometimes I have to watch a video two thousand times.

Too bad they didn’t have YouTube when I was in school.  Of course, there were no schools on Earth when I was in school.  I had to walk to Mars to go to school.  Sometimes if the emptiness of space was nice, I would ride my bike to Mars. But that was rare.  Mostly I walked.  Kids these days don’t realize how good they have it by having schools on the same planet that they live on.

I still feel resistance to learning new things—especially when the concepts are difficult.  What joy when I finally understand something I have struggled with!  Plus, I do not feel so bad about not writing when I have used the time to wrap my head around sines, cosines, tangents, angles, triangles, degrees, minutes, seconds, circles, radians, vectors, velocity, and kumquats.

I know that kumquats have nothing to do with trigonometry.  I love the word kumquat, and try to use kumquat as much as possible.


The Trigonometry Excuse


It’s been a week since I have written anything.  I always look for excuses not to write. Trigonometry is a good excuse.

I have mentioned before how I am teaching myself the math I avoided learning in high school. For the past week, I grappled with the basics of Trigonometry.  Even though learning is fun, I still resist learning new things—especially the math I hated in high school.  I wanted to quit because I was not understanding the concepts, but I kept grappling.  And finally, I got it!

Wow! I understood!  I understood!  I understood sines, cosines, and tangents.  I understood cosecants, secants and cotangents.  I understood how the Greek letter Theta (zero with a line through the middle) represents the degrees of an angle.  I understood!

What a natural high finally understanding Trigonometry, and solving Trigonometry problems!  If they ever make Trigonometry illegal, then I’ll get arrested for sure.

I’m like a child who has just learned to walk on his or her hind legs.  I’m stomping around laughing and enjoying my new-found power!

So there’s my excuse for not writing: I was learning Trigonometry.  Deep down, I know that I still could have written while learning Trigonometry.  But please allow me to fool myself into thinking that learning Trigonometry took all my energy, and I had none left to write. Thanks.