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What We Have In Common

She is white.  He is black.

She is from France.  He is from Canada.

She and he have known each other for over ten years.  They met through Laughter Yoga.  They had talked before, but recently they opened up to each other and said things they have never told anyone.  They discovered that they have more in common than they have in differences. It did not matter that she was white and from France, and he was black and from Canada. They had much in common.

He is me.  She shall remain anonymous.

This experience made me realize that no matter what our racial or religious differences; no matter what countries we are from; if we would suspend our judgments and talk to each other, really open up and share our thoughts, then we would discover that there is no reason for hatred because we all have more in common than we have in differences.


World Laughter Day

Dr. Madan Kataria

Today is World Laughter Day.  World Laughter Day is celebrated the first Sunday in May.  This celebration is the result of Laughter Yoga.

Dr. Madan Kataria started Laughter Yoga on March 13, 1995, in Mumbai, India.  He wanted to do something to promote the benefits of laughter.

The first Laughter Yoga sessions were people telling jokes.  Soon the jokes became offensive. Dr. Kataria invented simple exercises that forced laughter.  Forced laughter soon became genuine.

The concept behind Laughter Yoga is laughing for no reason.  With jokes, you have to understand the language and the joke to laugh. There are no jokes and nothing to understand with Laughter Yoga.  You force yourself to laugh, for no reason, and soon you are laughing for a reason: no reason.  Because laughter is contagious, forced laughter becomes genuine quicker in large groups of people.  This is why Laughter Clubs are popular.

The benefits of laughter ae the same whether it’s forced laughter, or genuine laughter.  As Dr. Kataria says, “You fake it til you make it.”

Laughter—what a natural way to get high!



This blog is not about Valentine’s Day.   I do not believe in Valentine’s Day.  I feel sorry for the men in relationships who do not believe in Valentine’s Day, but must pretend that they do.  They know that  for the sake of peace they better buy that special person flowers and/or chocolates.

Some have accused me of being afraid of intimacy.  Perhaps.  I say I avoid relationships because I do not like being misunderstood.   Being misunderstood seems to happen when I am intimate with someone.  Along with being misunderstood, some tell me that I am too silly and immature.

I enjoy having fun.  I love doing things that I did as a child.  One of these things is laughing for no reason.  This is why I love Laughter Yoga.  The main rule of Laughter Yoga is laughing for no reason.  I love it!  How Zen!

My whimsy is not conducive to a relationship.  It is not fair to another person to be at the mercy of my mood swings.  I choose solitude because I enjoy my company.  I can come and go when I please.  I do not have to engage in three-hour discussions on what to eat, where to go, or what to do.  Also, I do not have to pretend that I love being out somewhere on Valentine’s Day when I would rather be at home reading a book.

So, what was I saying about this blog not being about Valentine’s Day?