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All Things Work Together for Good?

Looking back at my life, I see that many times things happened that I did not like at the time.  But as a result of these so-called “bad” things happening, something good happened.  The good that happened would not have happened if it wasn’t for the bad event.

All things work together for good?  It would seem so.  Or perhaps all things don’t work together for good, and I am too deep in denial to see the truth.



I have mentioned my dear conservative friend before.  He hates liberals.  No matter what liberals do, it is wrong, wrong, wrong.  Liberals could come up with a cure for cancer and he would find something wrong with it.

Liberals run the government in Ontario.  My friend goes on long rants about how they are ruining the economy.  Yet the Canadian economy is not doing well with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his conservatives at the helm.  My friend blames “the world’s poor economy” and not the conservatives.

He will go on about the corrupt acts involving liberals.  When I point out corruption involving conservatives, my friend says, “Oh that’s a nothing story.  I would not waste my time reading about it.”  Fascinating how he refuses to see the double standard with his thinking.  Any news story about conservative misdeeds is always a “nothing story.”  No matter how minor a liberal misdeed is, it’s a great sin.

Sometimes he cannot dismiss a conservative-misdeed story as “nothing.”  He has a catchall solution.  If I mention such a story he says, “Alright.  Let’s move on.  This topic is boring me.”  By ignoring the facts, he can keep his fantasy world where conservatives are good and liberals are bad.




Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.
Now it looks as though they’re here to stay.
Oh, I believe in yesterday.

Some days I believe in yesterday.  I think about how simple my life was, and long for times past.  Those are days when I lose perspective and forget how happy I really am.

The only reason that yesterday seemed a simpler time is because I lacked the awareness that I have today.  My attitude is the only difference between yesterday and today.    My attitude comes from my awareness which is better today than it was yesterday.  And my awareness expanded because of the wisdom I gained from my experiences.

Some people may judge my experiences as bad.  Experience is neither good nor bad; it is only experience.  If I am going to judge it, then I prefer to see all experience as good.

When I think about it, I have nothing to complain about.  Life is good.  When I lose perspective, I make problems worse in my head.  I am grateful for my health, and I am surviving.

But some days I forget how all experience is good; I forget how wonderful my life is; I forget how I make problems worse in my head.  It is on those days that I believe in yesterday.

Growing spiritually can be like a roller coaster ride. Take comfort in the knowledge that the way down is only preparation for the way up.”      – Rebbe Nachmanof Breslov