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Going Down The Stairs

There are over 100 steps to the various workout floors at the YMCA.  One of the activities for the children’s program is to have the children go up and down the stairs several times.

While on my way to a workout level, I passed two seven-year-old boys huffing and puffing on their second trip up the stairs.  One boy said to the other, “Gosh, going down the stairs is a lot easier than going up the stairs.”

What insight!  Experience is a great teacher.

The boy was only 7 years old.  His whole life is ahead of him.  How many symbolic stairs will he have to climb during his lifetime?  Will he ever discover that it is not what happens to him that affects him, but how he views what happens to him?  Will he learn that with the proper attitude, going up these stairs does not have to be difficult?



Rambling Thoughts On New Year’s Eve

I have a New Year’s revolution.  That’s what my daughter called resolutions when she was 10 years old.  I’ll never forget when she said, “Daddy, do you have any New Year’s revolutions?” From that time, many years ago, I prefer to use revolution for resolution.

My New Year’s revolution is about my life in the arts.  A message came to me in a dream a few days ago.  I had fallen asleep wondering whether to give up the creative life for something with steady pay.  There was no mistake about the clarity of the message.  I read it in a black leather-covered book, in my dream, as I was browsing in a library.  I don’t remember the title of the book, but the book was about writing.  The message?

No matter how hard writing gets, don’t give up.  Stick at it.

When I awoke I felt that the message not only applied to writing, but to my life as well.  So my New Year’s revolution is not to give up my life in the arts no matter what.  That’s easy to say.  I know I often talk like the sea and live like a swamp.

Self-doubt will come and go.  When it comes, I will welcome it.  When it goes, I will wish it well.

People will ask, “Did you have a nice Christmas?  Did you have a nice New Years?”  The questions are narrow because I am having a wonderful time all the time.  It is always the best moment of my life.  I know this when I am aware, and forget this when I am not aware.  I get caught up in the drama that I create.  And then I forget how happy I am, and how wonderful my life is.  I forget that people on this planet, as well as some from other planets, are here to help me along the way.  “All works together for good,” someone once told me.

This leads to another New Year’s revolution to go with the one about never giving up.  I will remember that I am always having a wonderful time no matter what is going on around me. Attitude is everything as the saying goes, and life is one long celebration.