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My flip phone was starting to flip out.  Sometimes the keypad had a mind of its own.  In spite of the teasing from my friends, who could not believe I still had a flip phone, I was planning to buy another flip phone.  But the smart phone I saw on sale was cheaper than the flip phone I was going to buy.  So I bought an Alcatel One Touch Pixi 3 on the last day of the sale.  I decided to call my smart phone Pixie.

It took me four days to learn how to answer Pixie.  I kept pressing the green handset icon, when I should have dragged it.  I still have not figured out how to set the alarm, how to program contacts, or how to make toast using Pixie.

I like how merchandisers try to make you think that you are getting more than what you paid for.  I once bought a hair dryer.  On the box was, HAS A THREE-POSITION SWITCH.  Wow, a three-position switch!  One of the positions was Off, and the other two were High and Low.

Look what was on the cell phone box:


Getting Started Guide – Could they have made this guide any smaller?  Luckily I had a microscope to read it.

Handset – Handset?  That’s the cell phone.  Wow!  I bought a cell phone and the box it comes in includes the cell phone!  Telus is not like the other companies that sell cell phones in empty boxes.

SIM Card – A Telus employee told me that I could use the SIM card from my flip phone and transfer all my contact information to the smart phone.  My SIM card did not fit Pixie.  Why aren’t SIM cards a standard size like USB flash drives?

Rechargeable Battery – Wow, again!  I bought a cell phone and it comes with a battery!  Is it possible to buy a cell phone without a battery?

AC Adapter and Micro USB Cable – The AC adapter is a power plug, and the Micro USB cable is the wire you plug into the power plug and the phone to charge the battery.  The same cable is also used to download data from the phone to the computer and versa vice. (Versa vice is vice versa vice versa.)   One cable performs two functions, but it seems that the box has an extra cable.

What the box did not include, and should have, was a headset for hands-free talking.  I had to buy a headset when I realized that Handset, listed on the box, was not a Headset.  Hmmm . . .