“Where Do Words Come From?”


“Where do words come from?”  That question popped into my mind when I awoke from my afternoon nap today.  I was not sure what to blog about and asked for inspiration before my nap.

I remember part of the dream I had during my nap.  This dream had something about me taking a memory course.  That’s all I remember.  Then I awoke with the thought, “Where do words come from?”

Here’s what I think:

Words are ideas, but ideas are not always words.  So, words come from the same place that ideas come from.

At the center of the Universe is the Idea Generator.  The Idea Generator runs on creativity of which there is a never-ending supply.  The Idea Generator transmits ideas throughout the Universe just like radio waves.  This is why two or more people can have the same idea thinking that they’re being original.  They do not realize that they tuned into the same radio station as the others who received the same idea.

So, words are ideas, and ideas come from the Idea Generator at the center of the Universe.  Thus, words come from the Idea Generator at the Universe’s center.  You won’t need a memory course to remember this.


About Gary Johnston

Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated. An imaginary number helps to facilitate the impossible.

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