Preventing Violence?

Another violent act.  The media are calling this one, “The Deadly Danforth Shooting.”

On Sunday July 22, around 10 p.m., Faisal Hussain shot 15 people near Danforth and Logan.  The area is also known as “Greektown.”  Two people died and the rest are in the hospital.

I would like to hear what my smug Canadian friends have to say.  In the past they have said, “We don’t have the mass shootings here because our gun laws are better than the laws in the United States.”

So, how come our superior gun laws did not prevent Faisal Hussain from getting a gun?  He had mental health issues.  What is he doing with a gun?  How come our superior gun laws have not stopped the spike in shootings?  (Isn’t it ironic that this shooting happened the first weekend the police had extra patrols to stop the surge of gun violence in Toronto?)

No matter how many laws you pass, you won’t stop crazy people from committing violent acts.  I am not implying that you do nothing, but there is only so much you can do.  If people want to get guns and do damage, then the law may slow them down.  It won’t stop them.

As I wrote this at the Northern District Library, I watched a man gnaw an empty coffee cup.  He did not eat the whole cup.  There was still a quarter of the cup left.  Perhaps he saved the rest of the cup for later.

Will this man, one day, go into a coffee shop and lose it because people are not eating their empty coffee cups?  Will he pick up a chair and start beating people, killing some and injuring others?  Then, will the government pass a law banning chairs in coffee shops to prevent such acts from taking place in the future?


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