Emergency Ready?

The City of Toronto’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) produced a booklet to help Torontonians prepare for an emergency. Here are some highlights from this guide:

Emergencies can happen any time and any place.

Really?  Emergencies can happen any time and any place?  I always thought that emergencies were planned.  I never knew that they could just happen.

During times of emergency there may be many people in need of assistance.

Wow!  People may need assistance during an emergency?  When did that start?

Most of the time, the best thing to do in a fire is leave the building as soon as possible.

No, I wouldn’t want to leave the building during a fire.   I always keep well-stocked in marshmallows in case of a fire.

Meet the firefighters when they arrive and tell then where the fire is

Obviously, they are not training firefighters the way they used to.

After an Emergency:

Check in and around your home or apartment for damage

Contact other family members to let them know that you are safe

Is there anyone who wouldn’t check his or her home for damage after an emergency?  Is there anyone who wouldn’t call family after an emergency?

There is good advice in this guide, but it’s too bad the OEM wrote it for people not as smart as rocks.


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