Marie Florence Wright

I have mentioned before how Aunt Marie always smiled no matter what.

I never saw Aunt Marie angry.  I never heard Aunt Marie complain.  She always smiled and was always pleasant.  The recurring words, at her funeral today, were about her glowing smile and pleasant disposition despite her serious illnesses.

Some people reporting about their near-death experiences say how they rose out of their bodies, and unconditional love and eternal peace surrounded them.  They wanted to stay out of their bodies, but a voice said, “Go back.  It’s not your time yet.”  How disappointed they were when back in their bodies.  They said that their bodies were like prisons.  They longed for freedom, and no longer feared death.

Aunt Marie suffered all those years with various illnesses, operations and finally cancer.  Not once did she complain.  She always smiled and was pleasant. This is what she was like with her failing body.  Can you imagine the glowing smile on Aunt Marie’s face now that she is free of her failing body, and surrounded by unconditional love and eternal peace?

From my perspective, I will miss Aunt Marie.  But from her perspective, she has never felt better.

Years ago, I read a Buddhist Saying in a book.  I don’t remember the name of the book.  I googled the saying and found different versions of it from various sources.  I’m not sure of the source, but the version I read said,

“When we are born, we cry and the world rejoices.  When we die, the world cries and we rejoice.”


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