My Ex-Wife Is A Good Mother

It brought a tear to my eye to hear my twenty-something daughter rave about her mother. My ex-wife goes to Florida for the winter.  I was picking up my daughter at the airport after she had visited her mother for the past week.  My daughter has been on her own for several years and works two jobs.  She has to cook and clean for herself.

“Dad, it was so nice to have someone make such a fuss over me!  I didn’t have to lift a finger. Mom cooked the meals and did the dishes.  She even did my laundry and folded it in nice neat piles.  I didn’t have to do anything!”

I know how much my ex-wife misses our kids when she goes to Florida.  Through my daughter’s words, I could also feel my ex-wife’s joy in being a mother again.  No matter how old our children get, they’re still our children.

My ex-wife and I have our differences or else she would not be my ex-wife.  But no matter what she did to me using the kids, she never meant them any harm.  He actions were wrong, but her intentions were good.

I would hear other men complain how they resented the money they gave for child support because their ex-wives would use it to buy jewelry and clothes.  Not my ex-wife.  She always made sure that the money went for the kids’ needs before she spent any money on herself.

My ex-wife was and still is a good mother.


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