(Not Muggins, but looks like Muggins)

My best friend Keith had two dogs:  Suzi and Muggins.  Suzi was black and mostly Scottish Terrier.  Muggins was beige and part terrier, part poodle, and part horse.

The horse part of Muggins had nothing to do with his size.  When Muggins got excited, he would rear like a horse, walk around on his hind legs and wave his front paws up and down. Then he would drop to all fours and walk backward four or five steps moving his head from side to side with each step back.  After four and five steps backward, Muggins would rear like a horse, walk around on his hind legs waving his paws and then drop to all fours repeating the same actions.

We had never seen a dog do this before.

Suzi was sensible and never did anything silly.  Muggins was an idiot, and was always doing silly things that made Keith and I laugh. Keith and I would do things to encourage Muggins to do silly things.

One time, before we took Suzi and Muggins for a walk, we put a pair of blue shorts on Muggins. Muggins was not used to wearing shorts.  Not only did he look funny, but he walked funny, too.  Keith and I laughed so hard we cried!

So out we went with Suzi and Muggins so Muggins could show off his blue shorts.  When Muggins got to a tree, he decided to mark his territory.  That’s when Keith and I realized that we hadn’t thought through putting blue shorts on Muggins.  Muggins raised his leg, and a portion of the blue shorts slowly got darker.  Yep!  Definitely poor planning on our part.

We removed the partially-wet shorts before Muggins did any more leg-raising, and before he had to squat.


About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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