Reluctant Self-Promotion


I have never been good at self-promotion.  Self-promotion is not a strong point with creative types.  I even felt anxiety over writing this blog because of my reluctance to promote myself.

My unwillingness for self-promotion comes from a lack of confidence and self-doubt.  My father’s voice, in my head, does not help.  My father has been dead 12 years, but I still hear him in my head saying, “Who the hell do you think you are?  You can’t write!  You’ve got no talent. You’re just a piece of horse shit we scraped up off the road.”  My father meant no harm when he said these things to me while he was alive.  He did not know that his voice would live on in my head long after he had died.

I have a Facebook Page on which I post humorous quotes, this blog, and another blog.

Only one family member and some friends LIKED my Facebook Page.  Most family members and friends, for whatever reasons, refuse to LIKE my Page.  My daughter’s boyfriend said, “I wanted to LIKE your Page, but your daughter told me not to.”

The people who have LIKED my Page sometimes LIKE a post and comment on how great the post is.  Also, people have told me in person, “I look forward to checking out your Page.  I love your writing.  You’re so funny!  You make me laugh.”

I am grateful for a post-LIKE, and a comment stating how great the post is, but better than a comment is a SHARE.  How puzzling that people don’t SHARE the posts they LIKE and find great.  People need not comment on the post’s greatness if they SHARE the post.  SHARING the post indirectly tells me that people thought the post was great.

I understand that people may LIKE a post, but not like it enough to SHARE it.  That’s okay.  I do not understand when people LIKE a post, comment on how great the post is, and do not SHARE it.  Are they worried what others will think?

No one needs my permission to SHARE my posts.  Feel free to LIKE and SHARE.  LIKING and SHARING help to promote me.

Figuratively speaking, I am building a better mousetrap.  The world will beat a path to my door.  Once this happens, my ego could grow as large as a shopping mall.  But I’m not worried about having an inflated ego.  It won’t happen.  My father’s voice will keep me humble.





About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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