Happy 147th, Stephen!

Stephen Leacock (December 30, 1869 – March 28, 1944)


My good friend Stephen Leacock was born December 30, 1869.  He died March 28, 1944 before I was born.

That was not very nice of Stephen to die before I was born.  After all, we’re good friends.  He could have waited until I was born, taken me out for dinner and then died.  The fact that he died before I was born has always been a sore point in our friendship.

Stephen has an award in his honor: The Stephen Leacock Memorial Award for Humor.  It’s an annual award presented to a Canadian writer for the best humorous book.  The other names for this award are the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humor, or the Stephen Leacock Award.

The problem with this award is that it is only awarded to writers.  Writers are not the only ones who are funny.  Many politicians would qualify for the Stephen Leacock Award.

So, how am I celebrating Stephen’s 147th boosha?  I am telling myself jokes that I can’t remember.  Not remembering does not stop me from laughing.

I am not sure what gift to get Stephen.  What do you buy for someone who is 147 years old?  I was going to get him a coffin, but I suspect he already has one.  Perhaps I will give money in his name to The Canadian Plunger Society.  It’s a charity that helps out plungers that are homeless and have mental health issues.

Hasha Boosha, Stephen!


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