How tragic when one parent uses children as weapons to strike back at the other parent.  This behavior is not limited to women, but my experience was with my ex-wife using our children as weapons.  My male friends had similar experiences with their ex-wives.  Now I hear of my friends’ sons going through the same game with their partners denying access to the children.

Any weapon you use is always affected in some way.  If you stab someone with a knife,  the knife has blood on it.  Shoot someone with a gun, and the gun has to be cleaned.  Use children as weapons, and you cause emotional damage.  But parents are too caught up in their pain to see how their actions harm the children.

It’s already traumatic for children when their parents separate.  On top of this trauma, children may have to deal with not seeing one parent, grandparents, and aunts and uncles, because the other parent wants revenge.  The other parent does not realize the ripple effect of denying access to children.

Whether parents are together or apart, they should always work together for the best interests of the children.


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I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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