I was a space invader.  Oh, the irony!

The library allows you 30 minutes computer time on your library card.  If no one has booked the computer, then the library will give you another 30 minutes making 60 minutes in total.  After 60 minutes, you may continue to use the computer if no one has booked it.  The computer will shut down for anyone over his or her sixty-minute limit once someone books the computer.   The library also has Express computers that allow you to use them for 15 minutes without having to use your library card to sign on.  That way you avoid using up your library-card computer time.

There are three Express computers on the library’s third floor.  A woman sat at Number 1 with Numbers 2 and 3 vacant.   Since Number 3 occasionally has Internet problems, I sat at Number 2 beside the woman at Number 1.

As soon as I sat down, the woman started scolding me.

“Why did you have to sit next to me?  There are many empty computer places.  You could have sat at one of them.  I need my space.  I need my space.  Go and use another computer.  I need my space.”

Well!  Didn’t her words sound familiar.  I thought, “Lady, I feel your pain.”

I explained to her how I did not want to use my library-card computer time, and how the third Express computer sometimes has problems.

“I don’t care!  I need my space.  I need my space.  You don’t have to sit beside me.  I demand that you move to another computer!  I need my space.”

I don’t like being ordered to do something.  I dug my heels in.

“I’m staying at this computer,”  I said.  “I won’t be long.  I would have finished already if you hadn’t started yelling at me.”

A voice in my head laughingly said, “So, how does it feel to hear your thoughts come at you from another person’s mouth?”

And I started laughing on the inside thinking about my blog from a few days ago.

And in my laughter I realized that people have their reasons for sitting near me, when there are lots of places available, just as I had my reasons for sitting next to the woman.  How unreasonable of me to expect my own space in a public place.  Also, in my laughter, I realized that there’s no difference between me and the nutbars.  We think the same thoughts.

I will not get upset when people invade my space.  I will likely laugh.

I wanted to thank the woman for yelling at me, but she wouldn’t have understood.


About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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