I went to Davenport Road School from Kindergarten to Grade 6.

The Toronto School Board (?), the principal (?), Mr. Martin Muckinfuch (?), who knows? decided that it was safer for students to have a Halloween party at the school instead of allowing them to walk the dark streets trick-or-treating.  So, every Halloween we would come home from school, eat dinner, dress up in our costumes, and go back to school for the Halloween party.

At the party we would play games, have some snacks and soft drinks, enter the best-costume contest, and then go home with a small grab bag containing some candies.

My Catholic friends, who went to Catholic schools, did not have Halloween parties at their schools.  They got to walk the dark, unsafe streets trick-or-treating.

I still feel resentment when I think about seeing the pillowcases and large bags full of candies, chips and chocolates my Catholic friends had, when I had only a small grab bag containing some candies.  But we weren’t allowed to trick-or-treat because some well-meaning bureaucrats thought that trick-or-treating on Halloween was unsafe.  I don’t remember any of my Catholic friends getting hit by a car on Halloween.

Oh well, perhaps my Catholic friends had to go to the dentist more than I did.


By the way, Davenport Road Public School was first called Carlton Public School when built in 1914 on the corner of Davenport Road and Osler Street.  It was named after Carlton Village which was incorporated in to the City of Toronto in 1909.

(Looked the same when it was Davenport Road School prior to 1989)

In 1945, the Toronto School Board changed the name to Davenport Road School at the request of Old Davenport Road United Church.  (I did time on Sundays at Old Davenport Road United Church.)  Why would a church care about the name of a nearby school?

In 1989, the Toronto School Board went back to the first name of Carlton Village Public School after a merger with Osler Public School.



In 2011, what was Carlton Village School opened as the Toronto Police Service’s 11 Division.  They kept the front and built a massive building covering the school yard and the teacher’s parking lot.

Does it mean anything when your public school becomes a police station after you leave?







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