What a wonderful gift our imaginations are!  Society teaches us not to play with our imaginations as we get older.  What the hell does Society know?

I looked out the window of the North York Central Library down to Mel Lastman Square.  First I saw one garbage can jumping for joy and laughing.  Up and down and up and down it went!  Then a second garbage can started laughing and jumping with the first one.  Soon a third garbage can joined in, and a fourth and a fifth.  And then all the garbage cans were laughing and jumping.  Some were jumping as high as the trees!  The trees laughed and laughed at the garbage cans’ antics.

You can imagine the noise the garbage cans made with their laughing and jumping on the concrete.  Soon a hidden door opened in the concrete, and out emerged an ogre-dragon-monkey-monster.  This ogre-dragon-monkey-monster wore a name tag that read, “Hello, My Name Is Ted.”   He  looked groggy.

The garbage cans stopped jumping.

“What’s all the noise?” said Ted.  “It woke me up from my nap.”

“We were just jumping for joy,” said one of the garbage cans.

“Why?” asked Ted.

“For no reason!” said the garbage can.  And all the other garbage cans laughed at the no-reason reply.  With laughter being contagious, the trees started laughing, too.

Then one by one the garbage cans started jumping and laughing.  Soon all of the garbage cans jumped and laughed.

“I’m not missing out on this fun!” said Ted.  And he, too, jumped and laughed and jumped and laughed.

What a sight to see!  An ogre-dragon-monkey-monster jumping up and down and laughing along with a bunch of garbage cans.  They put on quite a show for the trees.  It was beyond anything you could imagine.

After a while, one by one the garbage cans stopped jumping.  They tired from all their fun, and needed to nap.  (Have you ever seen garbage cans napping?  They look the same as if they were awake.)

Ted, too, tired of laughing and jumping.  He opened his hidden door, and returned to his one-bedroom apartment under Mel Lastman Square.

That left the trees.  They had laughed and enjoyed the show.  Now they were content to sway in the gentle breeze.


About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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