Adolph Hitler was born Saturday April 20, 1889.  He never liked me.  I suspect my brown eyes had something to do with it.

I always felt sorry for Adolph.  He was so confused!  He thought that it is possible to make a master race from human beings.  He never realized how defective human beings are.  You can’t make gold from muck no matter how hard you try.

Adolph was not the only one confused.  Black Lives Matter is a group of confused human beings.  They believe that only black lives matter.  Adolph was a racist because he believed that only white lives mattered.  Aren’t the people in Black Lives Matter racist?  Apparently not.  Only white people are racist according to the Rules of Political Correctness.

Black Lives Matter sings a tune, no matter how silly and discordant, and the politicians and media dance and bend over backwards.  They are afraid of being accused of racism and will go out of their way to prove that they are not.

In July, 2015, police shot Andrew Loku, a black man.   Black Lives Matter says the police are racist and killed Loku because he was black.  The police officer who shot Loku was not named and not charged.  Black Lives Matter demanded an Inquest and got it.  They are demanding the details of the investigation be made public.  Oh how the politicians and media are dancing!

In February, 2015,  an armed security guard shot Donny Ouimette and Ryan Hind in a Mcdonald’s restaurant.   The security guard was not named and not charged.  The details of this incident are still secret.  Why aren’t politicians and the media dancing so that the police make the details public?  Does no one care because Oiumette and Hind were white?

Happy Birthday, Adolph!  We hope that after 127 years you have come to realize that all lives matter.



What happened in McDonald’s when a Toronto security ……/what-happened-the-night-an-off-duty-security-…

Jan 27, 2016 – Donny Ouimette, left, and Ryan Hind, the two men who were shot and killed by an armed security guard in a McDonald’s in February.



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