In mom's footsteps: Dominic Zoffranieri; executive chef of the Delta Chelsea Inn and president of the Escoffier Society of Toronto; and his mother Yolanda; share a love of cooking. Dominic says his mother developed an attitude and respect for food. That attitude has been passed down to us.

No matter what our beliefs, none of us knows what happens after we die.  Domenic Zoffranieri found out today (February 27) just after 11:00 a.m.  He had been in palliative care at Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga, Ontario.

Domenic and I did time at Oakwood Collegiate Institute in Toronto way back when.  We kept in touch since getting out.

I saw Domenic yesterday at the hospital.  He was doped up on morphine, but had occasional lucid moments.   I told him to promise me that he would come to me, after he took off his body, and tell me a joke.  Nothing so far.  Perhaps he is still adjusting to his new surroundings, or lack of new surroundings.  Who knows?

Domenic was quite the joke-teller.  He always had a joke or five when I saw him.  He could tell me the same joke, forgetting that he had told me it before, and I would laugh anyway even though I knew the punchline.  It was the way he told it.  Domenic improved a joke by adding and subtracting stuff so it fit his own style.  The jokes weren’t original, but they were his by the way he told them.

When Domenic wasn’t telling jokes, he was cooking.  Domenic was a chef.  He was once the Executive Chef at the Delta Chelsea Inn.  He owned a consulting business, JDC Hospitality Incorporated, and was also a part-time cooking instructor.  At one time he owned his own restaurant.

I believe that after we die, we go to a giant Walmart in the sky.  This Walmart has lots of loving, bright white light and no sales tax.  Domenic is in the Walmart now trying to decide which joke book to buy so he can come back and tell me a joke.

“Domenic, buddy, it won’t matter which joke you select because I will laugh at the way you tell it.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you.  I’m also looking forward to when we will once again do time together, but this time at Walmart and not Oakwood.  Godspeed, my friend, Godspeed.”








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