I try to stay open to signs and synchronicity in my life.  Does everything that happens have meaning?

I am walking down the street.  I trip, but do not fall and get to where I am going with no injuries.  Is this a sign that I will get to where I am going, with my life, but I will stumble along the way?

Several weeks ago I thought about my friend Freddie Feldman.  We grew up together, and I haven’t seen him since Ugg invented the wheel.  Freddie just popped in my head for no reason.  Nothing involving Freddie has happened since I thought about him.  I do not have the urge to find him.  So, why did I think about Freddie Feldman?

This was not the case with one of the three wankers who frequent the library, and get their aerobic exercise while sitting at a computer.  I thought how I had not seen one of them for a long time.  Did he die of a heart attack?   Was he in jail?  Was he in the hospital with severe case of repetitive strain injury?  Within the same day of me thinking this, I saw him in front of a computer getting his exercise.  (How the librarians don’t notice the wankers is a mystery.  Perhaps they do notice, and pretend not to.)

What was the message behind this synchronicity?  What was The Universe trying to tell me by having me see a wanker just after I thought about him?

“You think too much, and don’t trust enough.”

Probably.  You would know being a voice in my head.

“Trust, and go along keeping yourself open.  Insignificant things may happen.  Trust that if there is a message you need to know, we will make sure you know it.”

Okay.  Thanks.


About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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