The other day, a dear friend called to tell me that she has cancer.  She did not know how far it has spread and will have further tests.  She said that she is taking it “one day at a time.”

I thought about her a lot after we hung up.  I thought about her dying, and what my life would be like without her.  I realized how much I had taken her granted, and how special she was.  I thought how I had never told her.

The next day, I told her my feelings.  With tears in my eyes, I told her how I had never realized how special she was until I started thinking about her not being around.  I thanked her for her support and our friendship.

“Thank you, but I’m not dead yet,” she said.

“It’s just that I can’t believe that I never told you how special you are to me and how much I would miss you,” I said.

When I see her, I will tell her again and give her a big hug.

Who else in my life am I taking for granted?


About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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