I have written before how security guards are people who, for some reason, cannot be police officers.  Security guards, or as I like to call them individually Sherlock, have to satisfy their great wish to fight evil and save the world.  They do this by being zealous in their space-guarding-mall duties, and by making everything a big deal.  Often there is not a lot of evil going in the space in malls, but that does not stop our crime-fighting Sherlocks from finding crimes—great crimes.  And sometimes, just like police officers, they focus on something minor missing the major stuff that needs their attention.

Today in the North York Centre washroom, a man smoked and drank beer.  Where was Sherlock?

On other days, I have seen drunks smoking and drinking in the passage from the North York Subway to the North York Centre.  Where was Sherlock?

And on other other days, I have seen drunks passed out on the floors in various places in the North York Centre.  Where was Sherlock?

I do not know where Sherlock was at the times I saw the above occurrences.  I have seen Sherlock lecture students on plugging their cell phones and computers in the electrical outlets of the North York Centre.  “Using these electrical outlets is against Mall Regulations,” says Sherlock.  (Funny how the North York Central Library is part of the North York Centre, and you can freely use the outlets in the library.  I have even seen Frankenstein charge himself at the library.)   I have seen Sherlock  lecture people for putting their bags in certain places such as window ledges.  And last Saturday, Sherlock accused me of “loitering” because I was talking too long on my cell phone.

It’s nice to know Sherlock is out there, somewhere, fighting the forces of evil.


About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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