I laughed out loud when I went to urinate in the men’s washroom at the North York Centre.  Why would someone choose the top of a urinal to express an opinion?  Whoever did it gave me double relief.  First there was the relief of emptying a full bladder, and then there was the relief from the laughter.

I assume the author of this opinion was a male.  I cannot see a female entering the men’s washroom to write her opinion on the top of a urinal—-unless, of course, she stands up to pee.  It’s possible, but unlikely.  I would bet all the pee in China that the author was a male.

Let us call our author Mr. Kenneth K. Klan.

Why would Mr. Klan think about the population of Black people, in Toronto, while urinating?  Did he suddenly feel inadequate while holding his penis and wish he was black?  And then did he wish he had no competition by being the only Black person in Toronto?

I told a friend what Mr. Klan had written and she, too, laughed out loud.  My friend asked, “How many is too many?” and “Did he wash his hands after using the marker?”  And then we both laughed out loud.  Mr. Klan had no idea how much joy and laughter he was spreading by writing those words on top of a urinal.

Some people may choose to be offended by Mr. Klan’s words.  That is their choice.  Words have no power over us unless we give them power over us.  Would the people who choose to give power to words be offended if Mr. Klan had written, “Too many N Words in Toronto”?

Deep down below all his ignorance, Mr. Klan knows that race does not exist biologically.  He knows that there is only one race: human beings.  But he allowed his ignorance to confuse him.  What Mr. Klan meant to write was, “To many people in Toronto.”    Those of us who use public transit would agree.

” For your race, in its poverty, has unquestionably one really effective weapon—laughter. Power, money, persuasion, supplication, persecution—these can lift at a colossal humbug—push it a little—weaken it a little, century by century; but only laughter can blow it to rags and atoms at a blast. Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.”                                                                                              – Mark Twain


Race Is Real, But Not In The Way People Think . . .



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I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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  1. He meant to say stupid ass niggers!

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