What goes through some Chinese women’s minds when they see me?  Fear?  Hatred?   Their eyes certainly shout fear and hatred.  I do not know why, but lately I have had frequent encounters with Chinese women looking at me with fear and hatred as they flee.

Thursday morning I was standing at the elevator of the North York Central Library.  A Chinese woman stood in front of me also waiting for the elevator.  The door opened.  I was about to follow this woman on, but she stopped, turned and looked at me.  Fear!  Hatred!   Then she charged at me and pushed me out of the way while screaming something unintelligible.   She stood a good distance away shouting words I could not understand, but I knew her words were about fear and hatred.  Everyone, including the library staff, pretended not to notice. They pretended not to notice even more when I said out loud, “Obviously she does not like Negroes.”

I do not know this woman, and have never seen her before.   She is a member of a group of Chinese women I have met frequently on public transit.   I sit one or two seats away from them and not beside them.  But my distance still provokes fear and hatred, and they flee to another seat far away from me.

Thursday afternoon I was sitting at a table at the library.  Two seats opposite me were vacant.  I got up to get a drink of water at the nearby fountain.  While I was away, two young Chinese women sat down at the vacant seats.  Can you guess what happened when I came back?  That’s right.   Fear!  Hatred!  And away they fled.  Twice in one day?  It usually only happens once every two or three days on public transit.

Why is this happening?  Did some black man do something to a Chinese woman that only Chinese women know about?  Perhaps these Chinese women knew me in a past life, and are still upset that I farted in their wonton soup?   Who knows?  I could get a complex over this.

My grandfather’s mother was Chinese.  I will ask her what is going on the next time I see her—that is if she does not flee from me first.


About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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