When I worked in the corporate world, I soon realized that bribes and kickbacks was how business is done.  Of course the words bribes and kickbacks are not used.  To keep up the illusion that all is above board, bribes and kickbacks are gifts and favors.

Bribes and kickbacks are what politics is all about.  Donations to political campaigns are not made for altruistic reasons.  I make a donation to your political campaign, and then you give me a government contract once you are elected.

So why are we so shocked when a scandal hits the news?  The latest scandal about FIFA (The International Federation of Association Footbal) is causing some people to say, “FIFA, clean up your act.”  What?  These people want FIFA to stop doing business?

In every bribe-and-kickback scandal, whether in politics or the corporate world, everyone acts shocked and appalled.  Then come the denials and the “I-didn’t know’s”  from the people on the top.  They may get away with their denials.  Perhaps not.  The evidence may be overwhelming, and the top people will have to take responsibility.  But the people on the bottom will take the fall whether they are involved.  And then the scandal will eventually fade from the news until another one erupts.

Bribes and kickbacks are business as usual.


About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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