Silence, total silence!  I was aware of the noise from the refrigerator, but not aware of how much noise the lights and flowing electricity makes.  Now nothing.  No refrigerator.  No humming lights.  No flowing electricity.  No city traffic.  Silence.

Darkness, total darkness!  Usually there is a light source somewhere tainting the darkness.  Nothing.  I could not see my hands in front of me.  The electricity was out all over.  No exit signs  No emergency lights.  No street lights.  No moonlight.  Darkness.

I do not remember ever experiencing total silence and darkness.  A small part of me wanted to panic.  After all, I was alone in the dark surrounded by silence.  But most of me marveled at this awesome new experience!  Who ever heard of total silence and darkness in the midst of a city?  I sat listening and watching . . .

Purple rising swirling twirling swirling twirling purple rising.

A pond where frogs sit on lily pads smiling.  They know something.  An airplane flies above, and one of the frogs catches it with his tongue.  The news of another missing airplane floods the media.  Theories abound about terrorists, mechanical malfunctions,  the CIA, UFO’s, and portals to other dimensions.  No one thinks about an out-of-the-way pond where smiling frogs sit on lily pads.

Bubbles.  Blue ocean.  Sliver shark.  Why would I see a dog bark?

Visions?  They were not dreams.  I did not fall asleep.  I was in some sort of altered state.  And then the power came back on destroying the silence and the darkness.

I never thought I would ever look forward to the next power outage.



About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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