I have mentioned this before and still cannot believe the noise allowed at the North York Central Library.  I cannot believe it because of how strict stern–looking librarians used to be about noise.  You used to get Shhhhhed! if you breathed too loud.

Presently, here are the noises happening now on the library’s fourth floor:

  • A man two computers over is sleeping, with his head hanging over the keyboard, and snoring ever so loudly
  • The man at the computer opposite me is babbling away on his cell phone
  • A woman at a computer across the room is babbling away on her cell phone
  • Another woman standing on the floor between then man opposite me and the woman across the room is babbling away on her cell phone
  • The nutbar next to the man on the cell phone is singing softly in his Mickey-Mouse voice.  Every so often this nutbar lets loose an orgasmic Mickey-Mouse scream
  • Next to the nutbar is a woman with the volume of her headphones so loud that I can hear the lyrics to the songs playing on her computer
  • A woman at the table behind me is sporadically laughing out loud
  • The man at the table next to the laughing lady is chewing out loud

The librarians?  Where are the librarians and their stern looks?  Why there’s three of them at the nearby information desk having a gabfest.   No stern looks.  They could pass for fashion models and actresses.  Shhhhh! is not in their vocabulary.

Silence, where are you Silence?  Why do you no longer hang out at the library?  Where do you hang out these days?   Can you let me know?  I would love to hang out with you.




About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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