The Universe flows.  Nature flows.  We flow — at least we did when we were children.  Our flowing is not convenient for Society and people who like to control everything.  If these people were in charge, then clouds would be one standard shape and size, holding a certain amount of moisture, and only allowed out on certain days.

When we flow, our feelings are in the moment.  They flow.  No blocks.  Things are okay as long as we keep flowing.  Things are not okay when we block the flow with the word should.

Part of my rebellion against Christmas is that Christmas is Society ordering me, “It’s Christmas!  You will feel joyful.”  I used to believe that something was wrong with me when I did not feel joyful at Christmas or any other time that I was supposed to feel happy and joyful.  I do not like Society, or any person, telling me how I should feel.

I flow — or at least try to for the most part.  I flow with whatever I am feeling.  It may coincide with what Society orders me to feel.  Chances are it may not.  I am happy as long as I flow with no matter what I am feeling.  Paradoxically, I am happy even when I am flowing with sad feelings.  I try not to block or avoid them or any feeling.  The best way to deal with a feeling is to feel it.   It flows.  It passes.  Feelings are neither good nor bad, right or wrong.  Feelings are part of that wonderful flowing experience called life.   Hallelujah!

I can hear the people who want to control clouds saying, “My God!  You can’t have people feeling what they like.  There’d be chaos!  You have to have rules and regulations or some type of control.”     Oh, what fear these people have of the unknown.  Oh, how they have suppressed that still small voice inside them that wants to express itself through flow.

Children are resilient because they flow.  They play and have fun.  All the experiences of their lives are adventures.  What a wonderful way to experience the world!

Of course alcohol and drugs help us experience the world when we want to block what we are really feeling.  With alcohol and drugs we can go along with what Society tells us to feel.  What an expensive way to have fun.

Christmas?  New Years?  Birthdays?  I may feel happy.  I may feel sad.  I may feel like celebrating Christmas on July 25.  I may feel like celebrating New Years on August 1.  I may feel like making everyday my birthday.  No matter.  Whatever I am feeling I am flowing and celebrating life.   Hallelujah!




About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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