I wanted to go fishing so badly when I was a kid.  Fishing looked like such fun.  I knew that you had to put worms on a hook, but never thought how this killed the worms or hurt the fish.

I nagged my father to buy me a fishing rod.  My wish to fish was greater than a vampire’s wish to work in a blood bank.  My father said, “Maybe, if you’re good, the Birthday Bunny will bring you a fishing rod.”  I was good, and sure enough, the Birthday Bunny brought me a fishing rod.  (In our family, we had Santa Claus bring us gifts at Christmas; the Easter Bunny bring us chocolate eggs at Easter, and the Birthday Bunny bring us gifts on our birthdays.)

I could not wait to go fishing!  I did not want to eat the fish I caught.  I did not like the taste of fish, but I thought I could keep the fish I caught as pets.

My father took me to Grenadier Pond in High Park.  High Park is in Toronto, and not too far from where we lived.  A  lot of people fished at Grenadier Pond.

I stood at the edge of Grenadier Pond.  I cast and waited.  Oh boy!  I was fishing!

I do not know how long I was waiting for a fish to bite when a bus-size dragon-fly buzzed by.  I had never seen a dragon-fly so big!  I froze while it hovered about inspecting me.  This inspection took forever!   As soon as this bus-size dragon-fly was looking the other way, I carefully put my fishing rod down on the ground and ran and ran and ran.

So ended my fishing career.  I never wanted to go fishing ever again.





About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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