All illness originates in the mind.   I thought I had read somewhere that this was a quote from Hippocrates, but I cannot find the quote on Google.  No other explanation makes sense.  Why is it that someone who smokes will never get lung cancer, and someone who never smoked does?  Why do some people who eat nothing but healthy organic food still get sick, and some who eat nothing but junk food never get sick?  The source of illness originating with our beliefs and emotions explains this.

I developed varicose veins during my unhappy marriage.  What does Louise Hay suggest as the probable metaphysical cause for varicose veins?

Standing in a situation you hate.  Discouragement. Feeling overworked and overburdened.

Bingo!  What an accurate description of what I was feeling during my marriage many years ago.  I was just starting to get in touch with my feelings back then.  I was afraid to express them.

My father denied his feelings.  He saw expressing them as a weakness.  He told me that a man never shows his feelings in public.  He also loved the word should.   His wife should never have died.  His niece should never have died.  His grandson should never have died.  All three deaths happened within months of each other.  How overwhelming for Dad.  He could not handle it;  so he left his mind.  Louise Hay claims that  “Alzheimer’s is a desire to leave the planet.  The inability to face life as it is.”

Illness is not something that just happens to us.  What is going on in our emotional lives and our thought patterns are factors.

I no longer see illness as something bad, and something that I need fight against.  Illness is my body’s way of telling me to examine my emotions and thought patterns because something is not at ease.


The Biology of Belief   by Dr. Bruce Lipton

Heal Your Body  by Louise Hay


About Gary Johnston

I am an imaginary number -- a symbol used to count and measure. As Senior Imaginary Number at Einstein Equations Incorporated, I facilitate the calculation of the impossible.

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